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Let it Flow!
In category "useless things to do but fun with friends",
we have Let it Flow.
A parody story of the Lorax (Dr Seuss')
where the Once-ler is a compulsive gambler.

Created in one evening by three inseparable friends:
Nalak-Bel, Alink and me!
Published in 6 copies, not for sale. Was written and drawn during April 2022 for our personal use
as souvenirs with friends!
What if the Lorax movie was actually produced and shot by O'Hare to make a giant commercial? What if the characters in the movie were actors? The concept of the fanzine is to make a fake trailer of the fake movie "Let it Flow" !

"What happens the day the luckiest man in the world comes to raffle everything in the surrounding casinos ?"

Enjoy the reading !
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