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The Rust Factory
The Rust Factory is a roleplay story 
(collab story between Nalak-Bel & me)
based on the book DR Seuss' - The Lorax (1971)
The Lorax  (1972, DePatie–Freleng Enterprises)
The Lorax (2021, Illumination Studio)
The Rust Factory
"A good factory is nothing without a good workforce: what if for once we focused on the workers who were all once cheerfully singing
“Everybody do needs a Thneed”, hand on heart to celebrate the millionth Thneed sold?

1940s, the Thneed factory is at its peak of production.

Thanks to the Once-ler ? Oh, it’s been a long time since he’s been in charge of the pipes, the Smogulous smoke and the Schloppity schlop.
Thneedville is going to open in a few weeks, he is too busy now and has relegated these functions to the Cap-lers,
workers dressed in green, with headgear and gloved hands according to the color code."
My Cap-lers
Chimney Coal YUNTZLER
Coal learned the trade of chimney sweep at an early age, in Sweden during the time she was in an orphanage with her sister.
Taken under the tutelage of the Yuntzler family for their factories, they were then recruited and sent to work in America for the Thneed factory at the age of 23.
Recently due to an overheating of the central chimney, a part of which exploded on her, Coal, a miraculous survivor of this accident, now has her lungs filled with soot and partially burned. She regularly coughs up soot and, when she breathes, emits a hissing sound. Her assigned work name "Smog-ler" to manage the Smogulus-smog, has never been worn so well now.

Other than that, her other bruises and injuries don't keep her from being active. Coal hates doing nothing, it's impossible to get her to sit in a chair for more than five minutes to rest.
Astie is always sleepy, no matter what time of day it is, or whether she has worked or not. She is not a model employee in the factory:
her only reward, if she were to receive one, would be to have become
a pro at hiding behind a delivery crate to take a nap.
One wonders why the mail and deliveries always arrive late, huh?

Still, she's a loyal, secret-keeping good friend who turns out to be
more perceptive than you'd think. Astie has eyes everywhere.
Rurik Sokovler
Rurik is the good buddy in the group of friends; he's a jerk but
we love him, and we like him for his slow mind.

However he is a good guy, always willing and very competent! That's why he's in charge of everything related to building in the
Thneed factory.

He is aware of not being the smartest but remains humble about it. He is a good emotional support who dreams of buying a convertible car one day. He drives extremely well!
I did my own -tober list to challenge myself For october's month !

This list is free to use for every fan !
Lortober list
Lortober - 2022
coming soon !
Collaboration with UGEE
to try the UGEE U1200 tablet!
Concepts artfor closing a RP
Challenge was...
...To finish each image ...
... in 30min !
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